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♥Visual Cream Candy♥ [userpic]

Costume Time

September 18th, 2009 (01:07 am)

I visited Toby on Monday and Tuesday and we got to talking about Halloween day and thought it would be nice to dress up. I dont think he has dressed up for halloween since being a kid so he is really into the idea. He actually wants to do a couple costume, which I thought was a horrible idea at first. Then we got our mind gears moving and came up with an Idea. He is going to be a Dark/Gothic version of the Mad Hatter and I will be either Alice or the Rabbit. It seems like a great idea to me just because that style is right up my alley. He said he would provide for materials he just wants me to do it. I have full creative control, which I like. I mean Im sure I can work in his ideas in there. Now Im doing horrible sketches that only i can understand. Im not so amazing at sketching but I know what my mind is thinking. Now Im not to sure if Alice should be the traditional blue or the color scheme should change to red black and white. I'm exited for halloween now. The only costume I have ever thrown on is a Rillakuma kigurumi and that wasnt much of a costume at all.  So if anyone has any ideas throw them at me.