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♥Visual Cream Candy♥ [userpic]

Sparx and vodka shots x.x

July 28th, 2009 (12:29 am)

current mood: blah

I havent posted in a very long time. Everytime Im almost done with a post my laptop decides to die. So whatever fuck you computer. Went out this past saturday to the Banham (however its spelled) Zari and I were bored so just randomly decided to go out. She did dark decora and I went baglady too. I got to try out my new fish umbrella which is always cool! Zari made me try a Sparx beer energy drink, it was okay but it does the trick. I kept getting cheap drinks at the club. It was awesome! I always have fun at the Banham. We also took a little tour of downtown and used a bathroom at the Hilton. "It was hot" Maybe its not such a good idea being drunk downtown. Yeah right! FUN!

I saw The Hangover it was funny but not as great as i thought it would be. I just wish I never get in any trouble like that. It could happen. I have been passed a ruffie colada before. It also look like alot of really stupid flicks are coming out. Another Final Destination is on the way and it seems like they are running out of ideas of killing off the cast. Drowning at a carwash because your sun roof opened?! Cant a bitch open a door or roll down a window? I know its a movie but BLEH! I am looking foward to Alice in wonderland though. Johnny Depp looks sooo cool. I didnt see any trailers but I saw some banners. Cant wait!

Toby gave me a shirt to make it look "cool" I havent had any inspiration but it will come to me. Maybe H. Naoto knock off? I dont know yet. But I hope he doesnt want it right away because i just dont feel like working on it now. He is a sweetie though I love him so much. We are supposed to go see an Industrial band with Joey and Helena next month. Hope that goes well, but I always have fun with them so it should be good.

Blah off to do something productive