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♥Visual Cream Candy♥ [userpic]


September 2nd, 2008 (04:49 pm)

So I hadnt seen Alina because of her dumb phone being all lost.  The good thing is she has a phone now and I can bug her whenever I want. I spent the day with her yesterday and it was entertaining as usual. I almost got us in many accidents. It was a blast! I missed her so much ;_;. Im not sure why.. Because she always steels my food. XD Oh I know because I love her! 

I spent a day with Clint we ate at Fujia and Smoked hookah. It was pretty fun I hadnt had shisha in a long while. I feel bad that I couldnt go out and say bye. I wasnt feeling too good. Buu oh well. There will be other times.

Friday night was spent on hanging out with some friends at a local bar. We saw a live band and they werent half bad. I am a picky bitch when it comes to music so I was surprised. After that we headed to atomix where I can say that I got tore' up. I got fucked up that night. It was a nice drunk though. Until you get those bad memories of Joseph. Get the fuck out of my head you bitch! lol It was fun none the less. I pushed some bitch out of the way so I could dance on stage and I got free drinks. Thank you for the Vodka sours you losers! No pussy for you. HA HA. I hope to go to Heat next weekend. Or maybe I should chill till my trip. Im not sure what is better. Build my tolerence or lighten up. Either way Im screwed in Tokyo.

So Im planning my trip to Tokyo. Im leaving in a month. So you bitches that want something better be nice to me. XD  I found a good round trip price on JBT. Now I just need to schedule my time.  Im reading sisens page and Im not sure whether to believe his schedule or Tokyo decadence website. Candy spooky theater plays on the 20th. Something is going on the 17th. Something on the 25 and something on 23. UGH. You bitches better update your calander correctly. I dont want to be at Christons Cafe all alone!

This starbucks is cold. I dont want to type anymore


Posted by: Rooster Illusion (kittycow)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
MUCC ¤ IceCreamNom


Also, if you want to see that bitch Hyde, looks like he'll be playing at ZEPPTOKYO when you're in the country!



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