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Rentrer En Soi presents :

October 21st, 2008 (08:48 am)

So I found out that today was a concert at Shibuya O West. Yes, Rentrer En Soi/Boogieman/Sugar/ネガ/DEATHGAZE/Born/ and Schmelz Cure all preformed. I thought i was going to have trouble finding Shibuya O West. Well the Taxi driver didnt find it. He left me by a Koban so that I could ask where it was. Thanks Taxi Man! It didnt matter I wasnt about to go ask a police officer where this concert was being held. I just followed the other freaks that were walking on the side of the road. Yeah I was right they took me straight to the concert hall. Even though I bought my ticket at the door it was so easy to get up to the front. This concert hall is small just like Marz. There is a upstairs but it was closed off. So as I walk my way to the front I knew I should probably brace myself for the hardcore bitches of Visual Kei. Actually I knew I was going to have fun because when I go to a VK concert at a con I know there arent many that are going to rock out. But I know that here they all know the music and it will probably be intense. Now let me tell you something. If you are going to be in the front row you better prepare to do some major headbanging,para para and basically be ready to move. And Im not talking about just a couple of inches from where you are standing. You really have to move your feet to para para left then para para right. If you dont move in the front row you will probably be run over. I know that Kagerou is broken up and a member of Metronome left. But now Yuana and many others are in a group called Boogieman. I love them so much. I didnt find out that ex members other bands were in Boogieman till last night. I was exited to see Yuana, seeing that I am a Kagerou fan. "Yuana! " Wow This has been the best concert experience I have ever had. I met some bad ass chicas that showed me the para para's before each performance. I will probably go to oni con this year and be dissapointed by the lack of energy in the crowd. I mean dont get me wrong. Its interesting to see a Emo Cloud in the crowd for a VK band and seeing a tohoru dance about... but It wont be fun without all the hardcore jrockers of Japan. I was just so exited to have someone to rock so hard with. The Japanese also know how to respect personal space. Im not sure if its because they respect it or want their own space to headbang and such. I just know they wont push up on you elbow you. There is a good space beetween you and the other person at all times. All the bands were great and it wouldnt be a visual kei concert without a lead singer cutting himself on the chest or spitting water at the audience. First row is fun and amazing until Satsuki spits on your hair. EWW! Tonight was great and worth the 35 dollars I spent on the ticket. Seven bands and only 35 dollars. Not a bad deal my friends.

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