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Costume Time

September 18th, 2009 (01:07 am)

I visited Toby on Monday and Tuesday and we got to talking about Halloween day and thought it would be nice to dress up. I dont think he has dressed up for halloween since being a kid so he is really into the idea. He actually wants to do a couple costume, which I thought was a horrible idea at first. Then we got our mind gears moving and came up with an Idea. He is going to be a Dark/Gothic version of the Mad Hatter and I will be either Alice or the Rabbit. It seems like a great idea to me just because that style is right up my alley. He said he would provide for materials he just wants me to do it. I have full creative control, which I like. I mean Im sure I can work in his ideas in there. Now Im doing horrible sketches that only i can understand. Im not so amazing at sketching but I know what my mind is thinking. Now Im not to sure if Alice should be the traditional blue or the color scheme should change to red black and white. I'm exited for halloween now. The only costume I have ever thrown on is a Rillakuma kigurumi and that wasnt much of a costume at all.  So if anyone has any ideas throw them at me.

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Sparx and vodka shots x.x

July 28th, 2009 (12:29 am)

current mood: blah

I havent posted in a very long time. Everytime Im almost done with a post my laptop decides to die. So whatever fuck you computer. Went out this past saturday to the Banham (however its spelled) Zari and I were bored so just randomly decided to go out. She did dark decora and I went baglady too. I got to try out my new fish umbrella which is always cool! Zari made me try a Sparx beer energy drink, it was okay but it does the trick. I kept getting cheap drinks at the club. It was awesome! I always have fun at the Banham. We also took a little tour of downtown and used a bathroom at the Hilton. "It was hot" Maybe its not such a good idea being drunk downtown. Yeah right! FUN!

I saw The Hangover it was funny but not as great as i thought it would be. I just wish I never get in any trouble like that. It could happen. I have been passed a ruffie colada before. It also look like alot of really stupid flicks are coming out. Another Final Destination is on the way and it seems like they are running out of ideas of killing off the cast. Drowning at a carwash because your sun roof opened?! Cant a bitch open a door or roll down a window? I know its a movie but BLEH! I am looking foward to Alice in wonderland though. Johnny Depp looks sooo cool. I didnt see any trailers but I saw some banners. Cant wait!

Toby gave me a shirt to make it look "cool" I havent had any inspiration but it will come to me. Maybe H. Naoto knock off? I dont know yet. But I hope he doesnt want it right away because i just dont feel like working on it now. He is a sweetie though I love him so much. We are supposed to go see an Industrial band with Joey and Helena next month. Hope that goes well, but I always have fun with them so it should be good.

Blah off to do something productive


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November 6th, 2008 (05:15 pm)

current location: Alinas cave
current mood: drained

Alina left me alone at her house. Maybe she should of taken  me home so her mommy wouldnt get mad. Im kind of tired and miss my house. Well not really. I think I am going to clean my room when I get back. Im back from Japan. Did I forget to tell you? I want to go back and live there. I got really comfortable. eh dont feel much like posting. Laters

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Rentrer En Soi presents :

October 21st, 2008 (08:48 am)

So I found out that today was a concert at Shibuya O West. Yes, Rentrer En Soi/Boogieman/Sugar/ネガ/DEATHGAZE/Born/ and Schmelz Cure all preformed. I thought i was going to have trouble finding Shibuya O West. Well the Taxi driver didnt find it. He left me by a Koban so that I could ask where it was. Thanks Taxi Man! It didnt matter I wasnt about to go ask a police officer where this concert was being held. I just followed the other freaks that were walking on the side of the road. Yeah I was right they took me straight to the concert hall. Even though I bought my ticket at the door it was so easy to get up to the front. This concert hall is small just like Marz. There is a upstairs but it was closed off. So as I walk my way to the front I knew I should probably brace myself for the hardcore bitches of Visual Kei. Actually I knew I was going to have fun because when I go to a VK concert at a con I know there arent many that are going to rock out. But I know that here they all know the music and it will probably be intense. Now let me tell you something. If you are going to be in the front row you better prepare to do some major headbanging,para para and basically be ready to move. And Im not talking about just a couple of inches from where you are standing. You really have to move your feet to para para left then para para right. If you dont move in the front row you will probably be run over. I know that Kagerou is broken up and a member of Metronome left. But now Yuana and many others are in a group called Boogieman. I love them so much. I didnt find out that ex members other bands were in Boogieman till last night. I was exited to see Yuana, seeing that I am a Kagerou fan. "Yuana! " Wow This has been the best concert experience I have ever had. I met some bad ass chicas that showed me the para para's before each performance. I will probably go to oni con this year and be dissapointed by the lack of energy in the crowd. I mean dont get me wrong. Its interesting to see a Emo Cloud in the crowd for a VK band and seeing a tohoru dance about... but It wont be fun without all the hardcore jrockers of Japan. I was just so exited to have someone to rock so hard with. The Japanese also know how to respect personal space. Im not sure if its because they respect it or want their own space to headbang and such. I just know they wont push up on you elbow you. There is a good space beetween you and the other person at all times. All the bands were great and it wouldnt be a visual kei concert without a lead singer cutting himself on the chest or spitting water at the audience. First row is fun and amazing until Satsuki spits on your hair. EWW! Tonight was great and worth the 35 dollars I spent on the ticket. Seven bands and only 35 dollars. Not a bad deal my friends.

My ticket

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By the JR Shinjuku Station

October 20th, 2008 (02:07 am)

So I decide to go in search for Jr shinjuku station today. It actually isnt that far of a walk from the hotel. As you walk further into the city you see more and more interesting fashions. I saw plenty of gothic lolitas and punks at the station today. Oh and if you dont know I have a deep attraction for asian boys with bleach blonde hair. I saw plenty of those today too. The layered look is very popular here. I love layers too but its 80 degrees out. Mostly everyone you see is wearing a dress with pants under then a long sleev shirt under that. Oh and you cant forget your knit beenie. Oh and dont forget your wool scarf. How do you not die in that? Its sad though because i brought close to layer. I still wear it but thats what i brought. Its so hot out but you must look fashionable.You seem to start walking like everyone in tokyo once you get around alot. First thing you have to do is walk fast like you have somewhere very important to be and you cant be late. Im sure that most of these people do have things to attend to but please dont run over me with your bikes as you do so. Everyone seems to know when the pedestrian like will turn green too. You just start walking with the crowd like in NYC. I have yet to take a picture of the vending machines and yet i keep buying everything from them. Todays latest discovery is Pocari sweat. It really does taste like sweat. I reccomend you stay away from that. I thought it was just a mineral water but who knows whats in that perhaps real sweat?

Gaming time
I found some arcades today and I couldnt resist to play crane games. I cant resist when Im back home and they have crappy prizes. But here.. OMG EVERYTHING IS CUTE. I spend 5 dollars trying to get a damn gloomy bear. I could probably go to mori chax shop and buy a bad ass one. But I wanted to win! In the arcade there are about 3 floors. First floor consists of crane games, Taiko drum and thats it. Second level has shooting games, racing games and print club! I didnt go into the second floor because I was stuck trying to take pictures in every photo booth I could. It was boring at first without a buddy but then I just got into it and couldnt stop.

Here are some pics i took while by the station today.











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Tokyo dark castle vol. 45. Sat oct 18

October 18th, 2008 (05:02 pm)

current mood: tired

I was really sleepy today and I didnt feel very well. Im thinking that plane ride was finally getting to me. I didnt even want to go to Tokyo dark castle. I was thinking on how I was going to get there and if I would find it. Yeah and if you go to that event you wont be going home till sun up. I got dressed though and decided to go. I got there by taxi which cost me 800 yen. Suprisingly i got there early and just waited around outside. I love it here, everyone knows how to dress and they are so nice. Back home if they dress amazing the automaticaly think they are better than you. I go downstairs into the underground club and it is way smaller than i imagined. The dance floor is so small. Marz has two stories. First story has a bar with some lockers and the entrance then down stairs is the dance floor,stage,bathrooms and some beer vending machines. when i first went inside i wasnt sure if I was going to like the music or not but all the dj's played amazing music. I got to dance to hocico,christian death,combichrist and a bunch of others that I thought they would never play. The first band to play was 13th moon. They looked kind of strange but the music was pretty cool. Lots of para para to industrial style music. Auto Mod was second on the list and I already knew I was going to like them. Look them up on myspace if you want to hear their music. All of a sudden the room got packed for the next band and for what!? They were the suckiest band ever. I did appreciate one thing though. They re-made christian deaths " Im burning crosses on niggers lawns" song. When they first strarted to play the song I was like... "Hmmm hey I know this song!" People got really crazy during this band. Im not even sure why they werent that good. They didnt even fit in with the rest of the music. It sounded more punky than anything. I also have a new idol. Seila how I love you. She is one amazing woman. She is beautiful and very dominant just how I like em.During her and Sisens set she had some guy crawl out with a collar around his neck and a leash in her hand. Then you suddenly see a whip and she strikes his back and ass. Then for the ending of the song she sufficates him. Yeah talk about your S&M Queen. Two tribal goth belly dancers all surround her as Seila sings. This woman has a very sexual show and i love it. Last to play was Aural Vampire. She was fun but most of it was her and Mr. Robot talking. Well the robot guy always wears a mask and has Gizmo get on a screen and talk to him. The videos that were behind aural while she sang "dark wave surfer" was so strange. It is a mix of videos that made it seem like they were singing her song. The video included artists like Eminem, Michael Jackson ( used the black and white video) snoop dog and some others that I had no idea who they were. I think I am going to get home and feel like something strange is missing in my life. Anyway everyone gets together on stage and they start giving out prizes to people. As they give out the prize they invite the lucky person on stage. Well it gets to be Sisens turn to hand out his prize then he looks down and makes me climb on the stage. It was badass but kind of embarassing. Then me and sisen spoke spanish to eachother while the crowd looked in confusion then everything was straightened out in japanese. lol I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Oh yeah and my prize was a shirt with Sisens cartoon self on it. woopie.. lol After that I got to dance with Takuya Angel and Sisen on stage. It was fun. Too bad my ears are ringing like crazy. And my eye was all red from my contact lense. Oh yes and it was very easy for me to get to the very front at concerts in Japan. Well in live houses like that anyway. You just dance yourself to the front. I did get some short clips of video but who knows how I send that with this Japanese phone. I dont think they enabled it for texts or emails. Ugh.. I didnt take the camera either for fear i would lose it. My club bag was very small and this camera is not sleek and slim. So I left that camera behind. Im kind of glad I did.. I lost about 1500 yen at the club. The party didnt end till 6:00 am. I went outside and it was freezing good thing I just grabbed a cab back to the hotel. Yeah its very easy to take a cab but kind of expensive they start you off at Almost 8 dollars. Where back in the us its about 5. Atleast I didnt get lost in Kabukicho. Maybe I can get those videos up. Post again soon
On my way to the castle

Sisens gift shirt
gift shirt

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Japanese Fanta. YUm

October 17th, 2008 (11:45 pm)

I had my frist japanese vending  machine drink. Yum yum for Fanta
my first jp vending drink

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In Japan now

October 17th, 2008 (08:06 pm)
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current location: Hotel room

Im in Japan now and I will keep u all updated with my lj. My internet didn’t work at first but I didn’t know I had to go through the tv to get it. Im so happy I finally got it to work. I forgot to write addresses down for where I was going. And I need to keep in touch with me peeps. My trip so far has been interestingly tiring. The plane ride was long and the bus trip was long. I had know Idea it would take so long for me to get to the hotel. Along the way I saw some interesting things. It was still a difficult to see out the window of the bus. All the lights are on inside so its hard to see shit. There are interesting store and hotel names and the billboards are confusing. I didn’t imagine to see Jack Nicholson up on a billboard with the word BOSS stripped across his forehead. I mean what is that about? Is it a fragrance? It just looked very strange. I wish I could have taken pictures of all of this but my camera couldn’t get it from inside the bus. I suppose every city has its store chains. We have H.E.B, Fiesta, and Valero. They are filled with Family marts and Stop and Krup? What does krup mean? I don’t know I figured that was just weird. I was starting to get so restless on that bus I thought I would never make it to the hotel. I was even thinking why did I come? Then we passed by Tokyo Tower. It looks so amazing at night. I mean I know it is just a structure but I guess when you see that you know your in Tokyo and you finally made it to where you wanted to go. I hope to go during the week to get some pictures of it. Right now I am avoiding getting dressed it is 8:34 A.M and I am just watching cartoons. I guess I will go get dressed now. I need to have a adventures.

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Event Update.

September 21st, 2008 (01:45 am)

current mood: sleepy
current song: Rotersand: Exterminate Annihilate Destroy

I have been trying to pre schedule my time in Japan. I already knew of some club events but I was having a hard time finding a great concert. It seemed like Visual kei was dry for october. I completely forgot about Indie bands. They never let me down. Im glad Undercode has a date for me.So heres what I got so far.

2008.10.17(Fri) No Charge!! Club Cyber Visual Mode
Anli Pollicino

2008.10.19(sun) 池袋地下牢club cyber

2008.10.20 (Mon) CYBER CITY THEATER


2008.10.18(Sat) TOKYO DARKCASTLE Vol.45 - Halloween Special

1.Tokyo Dark Castle Halloween Parade In Kabukichou

2.Band : Auto- Mod / Aural Vampire/ Dalle/ +13th Moon+/ Seileen
DJ: Chihiro/ Taizo/ Takuya Angel
Time: 12A.M

2008.10.24 Holiday Shinjuku
Megaromania東名阪主催イベント「美醜の館-Cardinal Circle-」
Megaromania / ClearVeil / Lycaon / Like absolute myself / カル・ヴァリ / born / DELUHI
独立国歌-Ashe'- / ギルティア/ Ellseed

Time: 2:30 pm

2008.10.24 Gothic Bar Heaven

Dj Sisen @ Club Hoop
Time: 11:00 pm

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September 2nd, 2008 (04:49 pm)

So I hadnt seen Alina because of her dumb phone being all lost.  The good thing is she has a phone now and I can bug her whenever I want. I spent the day with her yesterday and it was entertaining as usual. I almost got us in many accidents. It was a blast! I missed her so much ;_;. Im not sure why.. Because she always steels my food. XD Oh I know because I love her! 

I spent a day with Clint we ate at Fujia and Smoked hookah. It was pretty fun I hadnt had shisha in a long while. I feel bad that I couldnt go out and say bye. I wasnt feeling too good. Buu oh well. There will be other times.

Friday night was spent on hanging out with some friends at a local bar. We saw a live band and they werent half bad. I am a picky bitch when it comes to music so I was surprised. After that we headed to atomix where I can say that I got tore' up. I got fucked up that night. It was a nice drunk though. Until you get those bad memories of Joseph. Get the fuck out of my head you bitch! lol It was fun none the less. I pushed some bitch out of the way so I could dance on stage and I got free drinks. Thank you for the Vodka sours you losers! No pussy for you. HA HA. I hope to go to Heat next weekend. Or maybe I should chill till my trip. Im not sure what is better. Build my tolerence or lighten up. Either way Im screwed in Tokyo.

So Im planning my trip to Tokyo. Im leaving in a month. So you bitches that want something better be nice to me. XD  I found a good round trip price on JBT. Now I just need to schedule my time.  Im reading sisens page and Im not sure whether to believe his schedule or Tokyo decadence website. Candy spooky theater plays on the 20th. Something is going on the 17th. Something on the 25 and something on 23. UGH. You bitches better update your calander correctly. I dont want to be at Christons Cafe all alone!

This starbucks is cold. I dont want to type anymore

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